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If you are planning to do work on your critical sour well any mistake made by your wireline supplier can be catastrophic. If you want to feel confident with this crucial service, Spectrum Wireline is the answer as all our supervisors have extensive experience on critical sour wells. When you call Spectrum Wireline you will have a supervisor and crew that work on critical sour wells everyday. This is what we do and we do it very well. Anyone can build equipment but it takes the right people to do the job the right way.

• Memory Production Logging

• Fishing  Services

• Plug work

• Gradients and Extended Build Ups

• Sleeve Manipulation

• Chokes

• Plunger Lifts

• Sub Surface Safety Valve

• Bailing (Hydrostatic and Sand Pump)

• Sampling

• Fluid Level Determination

• Plug Back Determination

• Tubing Deployed Perforating Gun Release

• Swabbing

• Kinley Cutters

At Spectrum all our Pressure Control Equipment has a minimum of 5000 psi NACE Spec rating and we can supply up to 15,000 psi NACE Spec Pressure Control. After every job our pressure control equipment is inspected and is certified yearly. All our down hole equipment and sheaves are certified on a yearly bases with full documentation carried within our line trucks.


We have 316 stainless slickline, GD-31 slickline and ¼” Stainless dyaform braided line.



Spectrum Wireline supplies a number of logging and Perforating Services which include the following (see below). Which can be performed with our Standard or H2S lines. Spectrum Wireline specializes in Critical Sour Services and is price competitive with your Sweet Well Needs.

• Production Logging(Real Time and Memory)

• Gamma-Ray/CCL/Gradio/Pressure/Temp/Spinner

• Gamma-Ray/CCL/Noise/Temp

• Cement Bond

• Gamma-Ray/CCL/CBL/VDL/Radial/Temp

• Correlation Services

• Gamma-Ray/CCL


• Casing and Vent Leak Determination

• Casing and Tubing Bridge Plug Setting

• Casing WR and Retainer Setting

• Cement, Sand and Hydromite  Dump Bailing

• Cased Hole Analysis Tools (CHAT)

• Through Tubing Bottom Fill Dump Bailing

• Swabbing Tubing and Casing

• Tubing Deployed Perforating

• Casing Perforating

• Through Tubing Perforating

• Tubing Punch for Circulation

• Jet Cutters

• Customer Instrumentation

• Compensated Neutron Logs

• Kinley Cutters

• Magnetic Thickness Detector (MTD) Logging

• Multi-Finger Caliper (MFC) Logging

• Gyros, Directional Tools, Chemical Cutters, Free Point Tools etc.



At Spectrum Wireline we carry a wide range of  Pipe Recovery Chemical Cutters for your tubing cutting needs. We also have a large inventory of Jet Cutters from coil tubing cutters to large casing cutters.

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